Welcome Email

If you’re not currently sending out a welcome email, you could be missing out on a stellar opportunity. A warm and friendly welcome email can make a positive first impression on new members, donors, volunteers, or your sponsors. A great time to send a welcome email is when someone subscribes to your email list. Keep the tone of your welcome email light, as you want it to be warm and approachable. Hitting someone up for a donation straight off the bat might be too much, too fast. You want your readers to feel like they’re part of your organization, your community, your world, so provide information, pictures or videos that makes them feel included and valued.


This is probably the most common type of email sent out by non-profits, but there’s a reason, an Email newsletter allows you to share what’s going on with your organization, events, volunteers, fundraising or other relevant information. It’s an easy and effective way to communicate, and you can include calls to action to donate or volunteer to help drive your fundraising efforts. Content for a newsletter is exactly what the name implies, newsworthy information. Anything that’s important to your organization and would be interesting to your readers can and should be included.

Email Appeals

You are passionate about furthering your mission. In many cases, all that’s needed to continue growing the awesome work you’re doing is… money. Sending donation appeals as part of your email marketing strategy can be a key to acquiring these much needed funds. But how do you tell your story to your donors in a way that empowers them and compels them to open their wallet and click your oh-so-prominent “Donate Now” button?

The key to successful fundraising emails is sending the right message. Each donation email you send needs to have a timely, unique and compelling message to share. While every program and activity your nonprofit undertakes is important and in need of funds; not all of them will help you get money in the door. We will help you develop a strategy that will help your email appeals succeed in bringing in donations as well as acquire new donors.

Thank You Email

First and foremost, your thank you email should be sincere. Once you have a thank you email, you’ll find there are many opportunities to use it. Just be sure to update it for each situation. You can send a thank you email when someone makes a donation, registers or volunteers for an event, subscribes to your email, after an event or other interactions someone may have with your organization.

The most popular frequency for email appeals (fundraising, advocacy or other direct call to action) is quarterly. The most popular frequency for email newsletters (or other informational updates) is monthly.