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Looking for a RELIABLE list of Jewish consumers and donors across the U.S.? You’ve come to the right place. We are the ONLY list service featuring exclusively Jewish prospects.

American Jews are widely known as an educated and influential audience who care about world issues, social reform, and global business and politics. Our data lists will give you direct access to millions of American Jews – an ideal target audience for your marketing goals.

Call us today to start building your own segmented list of Jewish prospects based on a host of variables – like location, age, gender, interests, or cultural affiliation.

ADM’s acquisition lists has by far exceeded any other list we have attempted, the lists are updated regularly and the criteria is matched exactly to our pitch!

Rabbi Martin Katz; Just One Life

Ready to build your Jewish prospect list?

Telemarketing Lists
Still trying to reach prospects on their landlines? You need up-to-date mobile numbers to power your next telemarketing or mobile texting campaign. Get your data list of Jewish donors and consumers today!

Direct Mail Lists
Reach Jewish consumers and donors directly in their mailboxes. We’ll supply you with accurate data that you can trust for your next direct mail campaign. No duplicate listings or outdated addresses…just current, verified mailing addresses to save you money.

Website Copy
Website not converting? Your donate button should be your nonprofit’s biggest asset. If it isn’t bringing in the dough, it’s time to fine-tune your web copy. The ADM Creative team will conduct a site audit and transform lifeless copy into words that inspire.

Social Content
Captivating your audience with engaging content day-in and day-out can be a real hassle. But our content writers are on it! Let us create a social strategy for your nonprofit that boosts your site’s traffic, builds real engagement, and ups your Donate Button clicks

Reports & Grants
Is all that technical writing making your eyes water? Year-end reports, grant writing, and all the nitty-gritty research that goes along with it…it’s all yours in a well-designed package that will wipe your tears and make you smile – oh, and did we mention that you’ll win the grant too?